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The Comfort Pros team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals that can handle any of your Home Comfort needs. Contact Us for more information.


A humidifier is a device designed to increase the moisture level in the air within a room or an entire building. It helps alleviate dry air conditions that can cause discomfort and various health issues. Your Comfort Pros team are highly skilled at the installation and repair of bypass, fan powered and steam humidifiers. Reach out today for more information.

Air Purification

Keeping your air as clean as possible is a high priority that Comfort Pros takes seriously. Filtering your air or ridding it of viruses and bacteria helps keep your family healthy, especially during winter months when colds and flu are rampant and during the summer months when allergies peak. Purifying your air can come in many forms like an Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner or a REME Halo. Whatever your needs are, Comfort Pros have you covered.


Ever dream of sleeping in cool, comfortable temps during sweltering hot summer nights? You’re in luck! Comfort Pros are experts at zoning control and installation. Turn your home into mini zones with the ability to control temperatures per room. You’ll have the best sleep of your life, guaranteed! Call your Comfort Pros Home Comfort Experts today!

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